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Beauty Programmes

Ayurvedic beauty therapy methods are very unique. Ayurveda advices very effective and safe methods of beauty care programmes which maintains the skin texture intact both in face and body.

Ayurveda beauty therapy includes the facility to treat the human body, from the hair to feet. The Ayurvedic therapies in India act on the total body strengthen the beauty, to increase the power of resistance and promote healing.

This treatment is conducive to one's health, provides the new vital energy, prevents and corrects the ageing process. This special treatment programme includes Herbal cream massages, Oil massages, Body pack, Herbal face pack, Herbal bath, Powder massage; Fruit massage etc.This treatment increases the skin tone, complexion, and peripheral circulation. Also there are special treatments for regaining beauty and shape after delivery. Beautifies the body figure. In women, who are in the post menopausal age this special treatment programme will help them to reduce and avoid the post menopausal symptoms like hot fleshes, weakness and dryness in body and skin. This is also very effective for reducing the weight and to keep a compact body figure.