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Vaidyasala: The Group Ayurveda Brand

Vaidyasala is the brand that deals with anything and everything regarding Ayurveda within the Thomas Hotels and Resorts Group. If any of the group hotels or resorts practice Ayurveda, it is solely under the Vaidyasala brand. It's precisely the flagship Ayurveda brand of the group.

Vaidyasala is a Sanskrit word and translates to the place where Vaid practice. Vaid is the Sanskrit term for traditional ayurveda doctor.

A team of highly educated and experienced doctors and trained Ayurveda practitioners are employed with Vaidyasala to give our guests the best in Ayurveda including the selection of the best from nature to be prepared as medicines. The doctors after prescribing the appropriate diet for treatments also overlook its preparation in the kitchens in group hotels and resorts.